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This listing of Julian's projects is in chronological order, from most recent (some currently in production) to earliest. Immediately after each title and date is the name of the character Julian played. Completed projects with additional information, images and/or commentary on this site will have a Click here for links to purchase this project on video. following the entry. Clicking on this symbol will bring you to a page for that specific project.

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The Warlock gameFinally, though I haven't seen anything indicating that Julian participated in the project, there is a video game out for the Sega Saturn and Nintendo Super NES systems based on Warlock. While I can handle seeing Julian's (vividly-portrayed) evil character tortured and killed (repeatedly) in the films, there's something a little macabre about a tiny animated Julian being the object of murderous video intent time and time again (and in nearly endless ways!) as long as your joystick holds out....




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