The Loss of
Sexual Innocence

Loss of Sexual Innocence: Nic & wifeThe latest film from Oscar-nominated director Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas) is yet another of his collaborations with Julian Sands. Julian has previously played supporting roles in Leaving Las Vegas (Yuri, the pimp), The Browning Version (Tom Gilbert, the new languages teacher) and One Night Stand (Nurse Chris). Continuing to show his affection for Julian as an actor, Figgis has now cast him in the lead role The Loss of Sexual Innocence.

Originally titled Death and the Loss of Sexual Innocence, the film is based upon a screenplay written by Figgis in 1982, and only now coming to the public for the first time, after premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in January 1999. It appeared in limited release (in New York and Los Angeles primarily) starting May 28, never really coming to wide release (this undoubtedly depended on reviews and ticket sales from the New York and Los Angeles showings). Julian has the lead (Nic). Also starring are Saffron Burrows (Circle of Friends), Stefano Dionisi, Kelly McDonalds (Trainspotting) and buzz-laden young Irish actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

The film's official website provides few plot details, making reference to Nic's wife (who has dreams of another man, it appears), his son, and the glimpses we are to receive of Nic throughout his life (played by Rhys-Meyers as a teenager in the Sixties), as he experiences the things that lead him to become Nic the man. Some early reviews (see below) note that the film has a non-sequential plot, jumping randomly between the adult Nic and his flashbacks of his childhood. All in all, it sounds like an extremely expressionist film, which may or may not bode well for its reception among critics or the general public.

The trailer for the film and some other pre-release publicity information offered some tantalizing clues as to the complex plot of the film, sometimes referred to as "a series of short stories". Interspersed with images of Adam, Eve and the Biblical snake, we are told about twin girls separated at birth (but what does this mean to our story, we wonder?), a man (Julian) torn by his relationships, past and present, "a mystery" that a young boy unwittingly gets involved in.... We see just enough tantilizing glimpses of brushing touches between lovers (or are they?), just enough non-romantic oddity to wonder what's really going on with this film. Some of the early reviews may give you some more hints until you can see it for yourself.

5/13/99 - From Cynthia: "There is a one page article on the guy in May '99 issue of Movieline Mag out on stands now. Nice b&w photo of Julian, too! He discusses his upcoming role in Mike Figgis' film. Since we're well into May, you may want to quickly grab a copy of Movieline ASAP." Thanks Cynthia!

1/21/99 - From The Utah Chronicle: "I tried to put off deciding as long as possible after reading the first few adjective-intensive blurbs in the Sundance Film Guide. Maybe it was the picture accompanying the film description of "The Loss of Sexual Innocence," with four inter-racial twenty-somethings haughtily staring up at me that scared me." Note: this comment refers to the photograph of the four leads (above), including Julian! Nice to know we've gone from people thinking he was a senior citizen to calling him "twenty-something"...;)


Julian Sands and Saffron Burrows, co-stars of director Mike Figgis' new movie, "The Loss of Sexual Innocence." 
Photo Credit: Randall Michelson

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