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December 30, 1999:
The latest edition of the site poll is up and running, asking your opinion on both the site and the most recent of Julian's projects. Cast your vote and check out the new real-time results!
The site search engine is also back, thanks to the improved functionality of the search. More pages on the site are catalogued, and there are more keywords to check with; so if you're looking for something in particular on this site, you'll have another great way to find it, and fast!
I added information on two new projects: Timecode 2000 and Love Me, as well as an obscure project from 1999 called Mercy. Check the Filmography for details.
I added a navigation script to the bottom of all major pages. This is a plus for navigation, but may still be a bit buggy. Let me know if there are any problems with it.
Links for all projects currently available in the U.S. through Amazon.com on VHS video or DVD have been added to the individual filmography pages. A few old films have recently been released or re-released, so if you're looking to add to your video collection, now may be the time, before they're out of print once again.
One-stop shopping! A formal bookstore, with a variety of projects that are available for purchase, has been established. Check it out, and support the site!

December 23, 1999:
Well, after a lengthy absence, the site is finally back up again. We've had to change servers for the second time in a few months, due to the total lack of reliability of the most recent webhosts. A crash on their system destroyed all of the site's files, and then they elected to delete all backups with no notification to webmasters less than a week later. The logic of this? Go figure. If you want logic, service and reliability, free or not, don't use RedRival.com. We've relocated to the 50megs.com servers, which are free, seem (so far) to be reliable, and will give us plenty of room for expansion. We will have to put up with banner advertising for a short while, until I get the site converted to an advertising-free, paid account, but that time should be short-lived.
The unfortunately lengthy down-time for the site was result of a computer conpiracy ;), as my computer went down mere days after RedRival's did, and I've been without computer access for some weeks. I've only now been able to restore the site from backups on a substitute system. Hopefully this will be the last calamity we'll ever experience with the site.
Once again, the site can still be found at http://www.juliansands.org, so make sure your bookmarks refer to that address, and not any of the direct server addresses. Regardless of where the actual site resides, it will always be found at that address.
Now that the site's back up again, I'll be working on updates for a while, trying to get us caught back up with the present. I'll also be on the look-out for any problems with the transition to the new servers, so if you find anything amiss while perusing the site, please let me know, so that I can fix things as soon as possible. And, as always, if you have any news or other items you think would be a good addition to the site, feel free to share.
In the past month or two, here have been two new releases of Julian's films (just on DVD at this point, so keep an eye out for VHS releases in the near future), Phantom of the Opera and Loss of Sexual Innocence. I'll be working on reviews and such for the two films in the near future.

Missed some of the previous updates and news? I've archived the previous notations for your edification....