The Julian Sands Page Poll

This is where you get a chance to express your opinion and make your vote count! In addition to being able to let us know how you think we're doing with the site, you also have a chance to make your voice heard on one Julian Sands-related topic every month or so (depending on the number of votes cast).
The third edition of the Julian Sands Page Poll is now underway, and now features live, real-time results of all votes to date, so you can immediately see exactly how you vote stacks up against those of other visitors. Please remember, to keep the results realistic, only one vote per visitor for each question. And check back regularly for the current results and for new questions!

The results from the second (and first) editions of the original five-question poll are below - let's see what everyone thought about these questions!

Results from the Second Edition of The Julian Sands Page Poll

Which of the following creative historical figures would Julian be best at portraying?

I have always dreamed of a film about the life of poet Rupert Brooke, and Julian (in my opinion) would be just about as perfect a choice to play him as you could get. But how does this idea stack up against the roles of some of the most well-known and dramatic artists in history in your opinions? I was surprised...

poet P.B. Shelley - 15% of the vote
poet Lord Byron - 25%
composer Franz Liszt - 20%
poet Rupert Brooke (My favorite poet: romantic, darned attractive and a little tragic, too.) - 30%
painter Vincent VanGogh - 10%

If Julian does NOT play Lestat in any future productions of the Anne Rice novels, who would make the best second choice?

Anne Rice recently announced that her current choice to play Lestat is golden-boy Leonardo DiCaprio. Once upon a time, it was Rutger Hauer. Until Leo, Julian has been the most mentioned. My own personal casting list always included Sting as the elder vampire Marius. So where did all these people (and another favorite actor - Babylon 5's Robin Atkin Downes) end up on your list of favorite choices for the role if Julian is not cast as Lestat?

Leonardo DiCaprio - 15%
Tom Cruise - 36%
Rutger Hauer - 0%
Robin Atkin Downes - 9%
Sting - 40%

Which of the following is your favorite Julian role so far?

I could have made things easy and let you say "all of them", but that would have been too easy!;)

Alex in Tale of a Vampire - 38%
George Emerson in A Room With a View - 24%
P.B. Shelley in Gothic - 5%
the warlock in Warlock and Warlock the Armageddon - 33%
Jon Swain in The Killing Fields - 0%

Which of the following projects do you most want to see?

With three projects likely to premier this fall and winter (Phantom, DLSI and the small film Autumn Heart), along with Long Time Since (which seems to have disappeared unseen) and Winter (somewhere in the production phase, but hard to find any information on), we've got quite a few films to look forward to in the near future. Which one do we want the most?

Phantom of the Opera - 30%
Winter - 10%
Death and the Loss of Sexual Innocence - 15%
Long Time Since - 0%
whatever project he does next - 45%

What is your favorite thing about Julian?

All I can say is that I'm glad we didn't all turn out to be immensely shallow and lust-ridden... ;)

his looks - 27%
his voice - 40%
his acting skills - 24%
his intellect - 0%
his personality - 9%

Results from the First Edition of The Julian Sands Page Poll

Well, you've had about a month to get your votes in for the first edition of the poll, and it's time to see how everyone voted!

What's your favorite Julian role?

Julian has played several different types of roles regularly. It's entirely a matter of individual taste as to which one each of us prefers to see him in. You picked:

the sympathetic monster (vampire or Phantom) - 57% of the vote!
the gentleman lover (i.e. George Emerson) - 21%
the photographer (The Killing Fields, Crazy in Love) - 0%
the scientist (mad or otherwise) - 3%
the frustrated lover (Husbands and Lovers, Boxing Helena) - 19%

Who would make the best Vampire Lestat (Anne Rice's character)?

This was a stacked question if I've ever seen one! ;) Was there really any doubt about the results?:

Tom Cruise - 0%
Leonardo DiCaprio - 0%
Julian - 100% of the vote!

How many Julian films have you seen?

With so few of his older and more obscure projects available on video, seeing everything Julian's done is a real feat. Let's see how close most of us are doing with that challenge:

1 to 3 - 3%
3 to 6 - 12%
7 to 12 - 56% of voters!
13 or more - 20%
Are you kidding? ALL OF THEM! - 9%

What role would you really like to see Julian do?

Everybody's got their own ideas about what roles suit Julian the best. It's only natural we'd all have an ideal role that we'd choose for him if we had our pick. Let's see what that pick would be:

Dr. Frankenstein - 8%
Anne Rice's Lestat - 33% of the vote!
Anne Rice's Marius - 8%
Warlock (Again!) - 27%
Anything with lots of romance and sex! - 24%

What is Julian's best feature?

The biggest complaint I had about the poll was that I made you pick just one of Julian's features as your favorite. Sorry, but the challenge was in choosing! And choose you did:

Hair - 15%
Face - 38% of the vote!
Body - 6%
Eyes - 12%
Voice - 29%

Well, those are the results for this poll. I really enjoyed reading what everyone thought about these questions, and particularly watching some answers getting off to a swift start only to see others catch up quickly. (We've got a lot of vampire fans here, that's for sure!) It's great to see that we've all got different points of view where Julian is concerned, but that we can still be in total agreement about who our most favorite actor is.