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The Julian Links:

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Some Other Related Links:

Some suggestions for your own Internet searches: Since much of this site was initially put together from information I found scattered all over the Internet (a process that still continues, if less frequently), I've become somewhat of an old-hand at using the various search engines that are available. And while much of what you'll find in doing your own searches will already be on this site, I don't want to discourage you from seeing if you can indeed find something new on Julian. With that in mind, a few tips for using those search engines:

  1. I've had the best success with Yahoo!, particularly with the AltaVista part of their search engine. Some of the other search engines restrict which sites they catalogue, particularly excluding entire personal-page heavy servers like GeoCities, Compuserve and AOL. That means a lot of good information might as well not exist if you're using one of these search engines. AltaVista will catalogue essentially every page that is submitted to it. I also recommend HotBot due to its ability to give you a more accurate and efficient listing of appropriate pages. Their links occaisionally are a bit out of date, not showing some new or obscure pages for many weeks or months, but they can generally be relied upon to waste the least amount of your time if you're looking for something specific.

  2. Know your how your search engine works: each one uses different methods to decide which sites/pages are listed and in which order. AltaVista uses "meta-tags" which are built in to the individual pages by their designers, and should provide both keywords and a description for a given page. The drawback to this is that some web-designers falsely indicate what can be found on their pages by adding inaccurate meta-tags. So, a site that sells adult videos can easily get you to visit their site if they tell you there's information on Julian there, since it only requires adding his name as one of their meta-tags. If I had to count the number of times I ended up on a page that said "We really love Julian Sands. Come visit our Julian Sands site" and then found that their link took me to a commercial music or software site with NO Julian content, I'd be counting for a long while.
  3. This kind of thing can also happen if you're not knowlegable about how your search-engine uses its search language. While you'd think you'd only get articles mentioning Julian Sands if you enter the phrase Julian Sands into your search box, indeed many engines treat each word you enter separately, and will collect any page that lists either of them in its content (top listings might even include both, for, say, a page that mentioned Julian Lennon and the White Sands military base). Usually, the best way to make sure you're getting just information on our Julian is to use a convention like the quotes many systems use. If you enter "Julian Sands" - with the quotation marks - most search engines assume that you're looking for those two words appearing next to each other, which should, nearly all the time, bring you to somewhere where Julian Sands is at least mentioned. Another common listing would use "Sands, Julian", especially where we have a site with a listing of people. Again, you can use the quotation marks: just type "Sands, Julian", and any page listing him that way should come up.
  4. Save yourself time by not searching in fruitless fields. If it's listed in the top two pages (usually more) of the AltaVista listings for Julian, you can be pretty sure I've checked it out myself and if there's anything of interest, there will either be a link to it, or the information itself will be here in one form or another. That won't be the case 100% of the time, but it will be close. A lot of these pages are either simple filmography listings or cast listings for individual films, and you won't be learning anything by visiting them.
  5. On the other hand, I don't have the time to do exhaustive searches for more complex listings or through all the different search engines (though I do occaisionally do a standard search of my favortite 4 or 5 engines), so I still need your eyes on the look-out when you're out surfing, and you're certainly welcome to search out the more obscure information on your own. This is especially true if you end up on a site with some Julian tie-ins. You may find a picture of Julian with Jodie Foster on a Jodie Foster site (yes, that's where that Oscars picture came from), or an interview with Mike Figgis might mention when he thinks his next production with Julian should be out. In fact, a search for Dario Argento's official site doesn't turn up anything at all in most cases. It's only by a long string of tie-ins that I found it at all, and there's a ton of information on that site that's useful for our purposes. (How else would we know Julian had to meditate to deal with being covered with rats?)
  6. Finally, if you're going to embark on a Julian Internet-search, I have a top list of things I'm always looking for, which I know we'd all appreciate having on the site:

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