shh.... special wallpaper here,
just for Julian Sands fans....

(These are in .jpeg format, so if your browser does not include a Set as Wallpaper function, you'll need to use a graphics program to convert the image after you save it.)
If you see an image in the image collections that you would like sized to wallpaper, but which doesn't already have a wallpaper version on the site, please let me know. If I have a good-quality, large-size version of the image, I can create a wallpaper for you.

George Hurrell 800x600 640x480

Véronique Vial 800x600 640x480

(this image has been cropped to wallpaper size, which disturbs the composition just a bit. I would absolutely encourage you to buy the book for the full image and all of the other exquisite images of wonderful men. It's almost enough to make you forget how they can be sometimes... especially when you're busy remembering how they can be at others....)

Edward Maxey 800x600 640x480

(This image did not particularly lend itself to wallpaper, being too vertical, but the mottled black background allowed me to add a black field to it to make up the difference in the dimensions. The result makes fabulous wallpaper in that you have a large black field right where Windows 95/98 usually places your icons, with Julian's lovely image off to the right.)

A special collage by Lace: 800x600 640x480

(This image combines a number of different elements. We have a photographic-quality background of white roses - they used to be pink, actually, but I fixed that.... - on top of some handmade papers, with a fine ink pen, as if your "desk" was a still-life. Then I added in a signed photograph - the Maxey image - of Julian. Actually, Julian never signed this image at all: I took his signature from my signed Warlock photograph and, with some work, laid it right on top of the Maxey image. The size-relation between the items isn't quite right, but it's still a nice image for your desktop.)

A Room With a View Images:

George watches Lucy's reaction to Miss Lavish's book 800x600 640x480

George kisses Lucy again... 800x600 640x480

Tale of a Vampire Images:

Alex & a favorite possession 800x600 640x480

Alex & Virginia (close-up) 800x600 640x480

Alex & Virginia (far off) 800x600 640x480

Ann leaves... 800x600 640x480

Alex & his beloved 800x600 640x480


Shelley and Byron 800x600 640x480

Shelley and Mary 800x600 640x480

Husbands & Lovers

Elena returns... 800x600 640x480

Tell me what you did this weekend.... 800x600 640x480

On the beach 800x600 640x480

Grand Isle

800x600 640x480

Warlock: The Armageddon

New transportation... 800x600 640x480

The second warrior and the stone.... 800x600 640x480

The Killing Fields

Decisions, Decisions....

800x600 640x480

800x600 640x480

800x600 640x480


800x600 640x480

Julian in the Garden - from Boxing Helena

800x600 640x480

800x600 640x480

A collage using the above images (and a red, red rose...)

800x600 640x480

A simpler version of the same...

800x600 640x480

Boxing Helena

Nick spots Helena 800x600 640x480

Nick watches Helena 800x600 640x480

Nick's Inner-Helena 800x600 640x480

Black Water

Charming... 800x600 640x480