Heard on the Net:

When I take the time to search all of the various newsgroups and websites which might mention Julian Sands, I occaisionally find something amusing (even downright hilarious!) or telling. Julian is frequently mentioned on the Anne Rice newsgroup (as people continue to insist that he should be cast as the vampire Lestat). While I rarely find any hard-news, there's usually something I'm glad I read, and it helps me keep my finger on the pulse of Julian's image in the world at large. I've saved some select bits of commentary for your perusal. Be forewarned, while the bulk of what I've found is positive (usually clamouring for Julian to play a certain part), some of it was not, and the things that seemed interesting or that I found so ill-informed (or ill-tempered) that they were amusing are included right along with the raves.

Julian as Anne Rice's Lestat?:

More lustful thoughts....

Some general thoughts and comments, and more casting ideas....

Interesting bits of information from the variously disgruntled people department:

Aside from the film-critique, I have to wonder: if this was so inconvenient, why did this person stick around and watch closely enough to see them spritzing Sherilyn Fenn's cleavage in the window across the street and notice Julian's "little nylon running shorts"? Well, whatever floats your boat....

Now, finally, for the last word - let's hear it again:

"JULIAN SANDS JULIAN SANDS!!!! JULIAN SANDS!!! *jumping up and down and screaming*"

(If you recognize any of the above quotes as coming from yourself, and think you should have credit, please let me know. While items posted to Usenet Newsgroups are about as close to public domain as it gets, I'm not going to deny anyone the right to put their name on their words. I elected not to use names here as it doesn't seem to add anything to the information, nor did I want anyone getting angry over any cosmetic changes I made to the original posts for their usage here.)