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This area is slowly starting to fill up. I'd like to include lots of trailers and audio clips, but the sources for these things are woefully small where Julian's films are concerned. I'm hoping that with the upcoming release of several films (within the next year or so), including Phantom of the Opera, that we'll get a lot more resources for the trailers, at least. Certainly there will be a better chance of Julian actually appearing in the trailers, as these films feature him in lead roles. So, be patient (I know it's hard...) and we'll not only get to enjoy the films, but some more great clips for this page.

If you have video or audio clips for Julian that you would like to contribute, please let me know so that I can share them with all of the visitors to this site.

New!Two short preview clips from Timecode 2000:

A brief video clip from Tale of a Vampire (no sound - doesn't really need any) - Ann cuts her finger, and Alex thinks "It's so good..." - AVI, 1.7MB

Part of Julian's appearance in the George Hurrell biography Legends in Light - AVI (no sound - not vital, but I'm working on it...), 2.49 MB

For those of us with Windows95 and 98, Microsoft gave us a relatively easy way to change the look and sound of our desktops in one easy step with the Microsoft Plus! desktop themes. Even if you don't have Plus!, you can use these themes. A theme program like FreeTheme (yes, it's freeware) or Desktop Themes (shareware) will run these theme sets (or any others) on Windows95. (If you've still got Windows 3.1, you can change your wallpaper and sounds by hand. Not as easy, but still a way to change the theme of your desktop.)

New!A desktop theme set for Windows95 Plus! from Warlock: the Armageddon. (1.26Mb-Zipped) - Suggestion: you might want to replace the druid themed wallpaper with one of the Julian wallpapers on this site - the easiest way would be to rename the new image to the same name as the one that's included - back up that image if you want to keep it!

New!My very own Julian Sands Desktop theme! (939K - Zipped) - I decided to play around with designing desktop themes now that I have a program to use them myself, and one of my first projects was (of course) a Julian Sands theme! The file should be unzipped in a subdirectory called JulianSands1 in the Program Files/Plus!/themes directory of your hard drive. Read the included readme.htm file for details on installation and customization. It includes icons, cursors, wallpaper, sounds and a screensaver. It hasn't been tested except on my own system, so let me know what you think!

NEWSFLASH! : The Fantasma Dell'Opera site now has a RealPlayer Trailer for the film - check it out!!! You may want to enter the clip's URL directly into your RealPlayer, as I had problems getting the plug-in to load from the page:

An audio clip (.au format) from the HBO movie Witch Hunt. ...kinda spooky!

Here are few .wav files from Boxing Helena:

Well, these video clips don't actually have Julian in them, but they'll at least give you a brief look at some of the films he's been in more recently. So if you haven't seen them (it's never quite so fun without Julian in a lead role, is it?), check these out, and maybe take a trip to the video store....

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