The Julian Sands
Trivia Quiz - Vol. 3
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If you've been exploring the site a little, you may have learned a few things about Julian and his career that you didn't already know (I hope so!). Now you can test your knowledge with this simple little quiz. Not all of the answers are found on this site, so you'll have a real test of your Julian-knowledge, but the answers will be provided if you get stumped. Click on your choice, and you'll see the correct answer to that question. Then just click Back on your browser, and try the next question. Note: I'd like to get the quiz to self-score, but until I figure out how to script that, you'll just have to keep track of how many you get right and wrong. Be honest! Now, let's have some fun!

1) In Harem, who plays the Sultan?
a) Omar Sharif b) Art Malik c) Julian Sands d) Yaphet Kotto

2) In After Darkness, how does Jan die?
a) he drowns b) he is stabbed c) he falls in quicksand d) he jumps off a bridge

3) In End of Summer, what modern item does Basil March demonstrate for his parishioners, causing a stampede?
a) a radio b) a television c) an airplane d) a film projector

4) Silly gossip columnists wondered if Julian might be the father of Jodie Foster's baby. What's the new baby's name?
a) Charlie b) Foster c) Julian d) Matthew

5) What action adventure film starred One Night Stand's Wesley Snipes, and reportedly originally included Julian as the lead villain?
a) Blade b) The Professional c) Passenger 57 d) Cutthroat Island

6) What film featured Cutthroat Island's lead actor, Matthew Modine, as well as Julian?
a) End of Summer b) The Browning Version c) Mario & the Magician d) Crazy in Love

7) In his appearance in the CBS hospital drama, "Chicago Hope", Julian's character is touring the country with:
a) treasure from a pyramid b) a mummy c) a Broadway show d) a medical conference

8) To what classic tale did Julian add his voice for an audio study guide?
a) A Tale of Two Cities b) Gulliver's Travels c) Frankenstein d) The Canterbury Tales

9) Who is composing the music for Death and the Loss of Sexual Innocence?
a) Thomas Dolby b) Mike Figgis c) Jean Michele Jarre d) Yanni

10) What is the occupation of Julian's character in Harem?
a) diplomat b) banker c) soldier d) photographer

11) What is Laurence's obsession in After Darkness?
a) drowning b) fish c) ice d) cameras

12) What nationality is Basil March in End of Summer?
a) American b) English c) Irish d) Russian

13) In A Room With a View, what is the name of the cottage where George and Mr. Emerson stay after Cecil makes a muddle of Lucy's arrangements?
a) La Villa del venerdi b) Cissy Villa c) Hampton Roads d) Somerstreet

14) In Impromptu, who does Franz Liszt (played by Julian) try to strangle?
a) Marie D'Agoult b) George Sand c) Alfred DeMusset d) Frederick Chopin

15) In Boxing Helena, what gift does Nick regularly send Helena?
a) candy b) jewelry c) flowers d) pomegranates

16) What setting for The Great Elephant Escape is also the home of Julian's favorite jewelry designer?
a) India b) Tangiers c) Tibet d) The Masai Mara

Well, how did you do?

If you enjoyed the quiz, that's great! I'll try to post a new one every month or two so you can keep checking your Julian-ology quotient!

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